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Dance Performances/Appearances

2017: Judge for AEON MALL Dance Challenge, Malaysia (1v1 all style & Open Showcase competition.)

2017: ECOSPERITY conference @ Ritz Carlton

2017: SGH Charity Music Fest Performance (Flair Brothers)


2017: Judge for Battle Kid Vol. 3, Hong Kong


2017: Judge for COTK: Clash Of The Kings, Malaysia ( All Style 1v1, Kids Showcase, Open Showcase)


2016: Guest Choreographer: Gigi Arts of Dance Presents: Summer Dance Camp Showcase, Indonesia

2016: Judge for The Selections 1v1 Hiphop (Singapore)


2015: Judge for: Lion City Hiphop Throwdown 2014 (1v1 hiphop & 1V1 All Style)


.2015: Flair Brothers Production (Un-told Story)


2015: Judge for: WAR (SMU Internal Battle)


2014: Japan Dance Delight 2014 Finalist


2014: Judge for: Vietnam  Hiphop Throwdown 2014 ( Urban dance 1v1 hiphop)


2014: Judge for: Bangkok Hiphop Throwdown 2014 ( 1v1 Hiphop, 2v2 All style)

2014: Judge for: HongKong Hiphop Throwdown 2014 ( 1v1 Hiphop)

2014: Judge for: Vietnam All Style 2v2, Showcase Competition


2014: Dance performance : Private event for New Puma Catalog


2014: Judge for: Malaysia Hiphop Throwdown 2014 ( 1v1 Hiphop)


2014: Judge for: Indonesia Hiphop Throwdown 2014 (1v1 Hiphop, Showcase, 2v2 All style)


2014: Judge for : Dance@LIVE Singapore 2014 1v1 Hip Hop


2014: Gatsby Indonesia Performance (Flair Brothers)


2013: Judge for What Ya Got (Temasek Poly internal 1v1 hiphop battle)


2013: Judge for Style In Motion 1v1 freestyle (Malaysia)


2013: Judge for Get Down Vol. 6 Hip Hop 1v1


2013: Judge for All Out Champion Vol.1 All Style 1v1 Battle


2011: Judge for Lion City Throw Down 3 v 3 Hip Hop Battle

2009: O School Recital (Hei Hua Hip Hop item)


13th November 2009: SANA Appreciation Dinner


15th August 2009: Tampines North CC National Day Dinner


21st Nov 08: Showcase @ Singapore Poly


29th August 08:  Zoo Performance


9th August 08: National Day performance @ Singapore Flyer


26th July 08: Da Hip Rock Affair performance


5th July 08: SRJC performance


28th June 08: Fresh arts museum performance with F.I.S


17th June 08: Vaunt 3 Fashion Show M.O.S


3rd May 08: World Dance Day (NLB Bugis)


14th March 08: Woodlands performance


8th March 08: Step Up 2 Dance Showcase at Bugis


19th February 08: Chingay Woodland


15th & 16th February 08: Chingay Parade Asia Grandest


12th January 08: Downtown East Showcase


16th Dec 07: Pulse 2007 competition


24th Nov 07: Nanyang Poly Arise


20th Nov 07: Jyss Prom Night


18th Nov 07: Republic Poly event


16th Nov 07: Junyuan Secondary School Graduation Day





Dance Achievements in Competitions (Showcase)

2014: M1 Dance Mania (Group: Flair Origins) (Champion)


2013: Today Movement Deep ft Flair (2nd place)


2013: Remy Martin -DMC (2nd place)


2013: Hearbeat by Natasha Studio -DMC (Champion)

2010: Da Hip-Rock Affairs 2 Champion (Monday Hippies)


2010: Singapore Dance Delight Volume 1 finalist


2010: Singapore Best Dance crew finalist (solo-cat)


2010: Singapore Dance Delight (finalist-Flair Nation)


20th September 2009: Suntec Dance Finals (Solo Cat -  Luqman)


5th September 2009: Suntec Dance Semi Finals (Group)


15th August 2009: Suntec Dance Quarterfinal


19th June 2009: Jim Beam Heats (Flair boys)


11th April 2009: Groove in the west (finalist)


4th April 09:  Danceworks 09 Finals (2nd place / High Energy Award)


7th March 09:  Danceworks 09 Prelims (3rd place)


22nd February 09: Da Showcase 6 (showcase)


6th December 08: Da Hip Hop Affair 5 (Champions)


26th October 08: Cineleisure Dance Competition Finals ( 2nd Place )


25th October 08: Cineleisure Dance Competition Audition Round


18th October 08: Code Edge Finals (Group Category)


27th September 08: Code Edge Auditions (Group category)


7th September 08: Youth Revolution Hip Hop Competition (Domi'Nation - 2nd)


23rd August 08:  Suntec Dance Group Category Semi Finals


7th June 08: Dance Explosion Finals ( 2nd place )


17th May 08: Dance Explosion Prelims


5th April 08: DanceWorks!2008(Open Cat) FINALS. (3rd Place.)


2nd March 08: DanceWorks!2008(Open Cat) 1st Round
(3rd place for Dance category and T-shirt Design winner)


17th Nov 07: Hip Hop Weekend Butts Off Finals


3rd Nov 07: Hip Hop Weekend Butts Off Heats



Dance Achievements in Competitions (Battles)


2017: Turnt Up Vol. 2  (Champion)

2016: Lioncity Throwdown 2016 Grand Finale (Top 8)

2015: RF JAM 2015 3V3 All Styles (Top 16)


2015: Smash It Moment 2015: All Style Crew Battle (Champion)


2014: In Da Shadows Vol 2. 1v2 Hip Hop (Champion)

2014: RF Jam 2014 3v3 All styles (Top 16)


2014: Floor Killer All Styles 2v2 (Top 8)


2014: Floor the Love 2v2 (Top 8)


2013: LOCKDOWN 2013 ALL STYLE 3V3 (Champion)

2013: Dance@LIVE Singapore leg HipHop Cat 1v1 (Champion)


2013: Juste Deboute NYC 2013 (TOP 8)


2012: Now That’s Legit - Singapore Biggest Battle 2012 (Crew Battle) (Champion)


2012: Juste Debout Singapore 2 v 2 HipHop (Top 8)


2012: Juste Debout Warm up 2 v 2 all style (3rd Placing)


2011: Pioneer Private 2v2 HipHop Battle (Champion)


2011: Fuyo Warm Up Party 1 v 1 HipHop Battle (Champion)


2011: NTU Funk Jam 2 v 2 Popping Battle (2nd Placing)


2011: Money In The Cap 2 1 v 1: Seven To Smoke (Champion)

2010: Money In The Cap 1v1 battle (Champion)


2010: Sixteen Crew Battle champion (Monday Madness)


2010: Recognize Studio Dance Battle winner for round 1


2010: AXN Dance challenge: Locking (Champion)


2010: Popping session battle finalist (amateur/pro)


2010: Get Down Volume 1 solo battle (top 8)


2010: Floor the Love top 16 battle (L.A)


2010: Super Jam at music garage dance battle finalist runner-up


30th December 2009: Soul Theory Jam Battle (2nd place)


2009:  Fusion Dance battle top 8


2009: Music garage dance battle


2nd May 2009: KO Night 2009 Hip Hop Top 8 – LJ





Hip Hop Level 3 Oschool

Urban Dance Instructor 


Work Experiences


  • 2009

-Instructor for Meridian Junior College- preparation for Aces day.

-Taught kids simple dance routine at various places like Compass point and Causeway point, etc.

  • 2010

-Instructor for Meridian Junior College-Preparation for Aces day

  • 2012

-Instructor for PAL under Team Axis

-Instructor for Dance Meets Studio

  • 2014
    -Dance Instructor for CEREBRAL (Still Working up to date)

-Teaches at Pathlight School
-Assist in teaching St James Kindergarten

  • 2015

-Part of the community for Flair Boot Camp Vol. 1

     -Dance boot camp.
     - Conducted Dance workshop.

-SMU(Singapore Management University) 4-day Hip Hop workshop.




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