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Michelle aka Sista Beast

Michelle is an educator/dancer specializing in a dance style, Krump. She is the founder of Singapore’s Krump community, Roar City Grounds. She is also an active member of “The Beast Camp”, an international dance group based in LA.  She fell in love with the intensity and power of Krump. Krump’s aggressive nature forced her to face her fears and doubts within herself, allowing her to believe she isn’t powerless; giving her the power to share, heal and inspire with others.  In her practice she realizes that many are afraid to acknowledge or confront power. It is often seen with a negative notion rather than a positive driving force. Through her past 11 years, most of her students would testify how they have changed their negative view after learning how to embrace and unlock their own power through Krump movements.  Michelle desires to question, challenge and build a different approach towards power. She hopes to encourage everyone (dancers and non-dancers) to see that power is a beautiful force, it may be scary and destructive but it also can heal and create.   “Only with power, change can happen”  ​

Personal Instagram Account: @meechiee.sistabeast

Community Instagram Account: @roarcitygrounds.krump 

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