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Luqman and Sammantha

The body is a vessel that receives and gives, transforming through time. To move is to express oneself in ways that is not confined by the genres that we practice. Sammantha and Luqman met in 2017 and has since developed a system of working, moving and sharing ideas with each other. Although they share similar sentiments towards movement, Sammantha and Luqman embrace their individual approaches. This continues to spark conversations to understand and unpack the possibilities of their different perspectives.

Luqman B As'ad

Born and raised in the Lion City, Luqman started dancing Hip Hop in 2007 as part of a local street dance crew - Flair Nation. Always striving to explore and grow in his craft, he picked up various genres, including Popping, Locking, Breaking and House. This diverse exposure allowed him to develop a unique flavour in his movement. 


Luqman's craft has been recognised in both the local and international freestyle scene. He has represented Singapore in multiple platforms and clinched titles in prestigious competitions such as Singapore Dance Delight. Luqman passionately believes in the value of educating the next generation in the art of street dance, teaching in schools and local dance studios.


In more recent years, Luqman has expanded his craft into theatrical work. He has been exploring the vast possibilities of what movement can be outside of the street dance scene. Luqman plans to use his craft to continually explore the endless possibilities of how movement and intentions can be portrayed. By fusing genres and playing around within the grey areas in dance, he hopes to discover new vocabulary and approaches to movement. 


Always curious, always explorative and always open, Luqman believes that his childlike and carefree nature is the key element that will fuel his growth and further his journey in dance.

Sammantha Yue

My art is living in itself — the starting point of my creation often stems from personal experiences. The body encapsulates, personifies and supports the emotional landscape of this mental-physical dialogue.


Sammantha attained a Diploma in Dance (2014) and graduated with a BA First Class Honours in Dance (2016) from LASALLE COLLEGE OF THE ARTS.


At LASALLE, she has danced in works by local and overseas choreographers such as Foo Yun Ying, Chiew Pei Shan, Yarra Ileto, Simona Cieri, Wu Yi-San and Susan Buirge. Samm

created Introspective (2015) and Two becomes One (2016) while in LASALLE, and Tussel (2015) for Nanyang Technological University’s dance club, Contemp{minated}.


Sammantha joined Frontier Danceland in 2016. She was Frontier Danceland's M1-PUSLE Programme Coordinator 19/20, a dance training platform for students. Sammantha also made choreographic works such as Womxn (2017), filmic work, Here today, gone tomorrow (2020), and co-choreographed Elemental Beings (2021) as part of Dancers’ Locker 2017, 2020 and 2021 respectively. Her most recent creation is Remember when... (2021) performed by PULSE Programme scholars as part of Esplanade’s In Youthful Company 2021.


As an artist, Samm aims to be a versatile dancer who is always exploring and never afraid to experiment.

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