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A collection of different experiences.

14.01.2023 – 15.01.2023

This production is the hard work of the Year 1 SHIFTers, who have successfully gone through a full year of training and ending it off with an opportunity to apply their experiences. Jalan Jalan Cari Makan features 4 pieces choreographed by 4 dance industry professionals, created together with the SHIFTers.


"Jalan Jalan Cari Makan” loosely means going for a stroll to look for food.


We envision the dancers' journey thus far as a collection of different experiences - the "ingredients" that make up who they are today. What happens when we take the time to collate these ingredients? What dishes can we cook up? How do we feel about the journey and the results?


Exploring themes from hunger to desire, confusion to abstinence, we invite you to jalan-jalan with us this January 2023.

Director's Note

The idea of this show didn't start from food, but was born from a simple question given to me by my friends.


“What do you do when you’re lost and feel stagnant?”


Honestly, when I dig deep for the answers, it’s hard to understand the chaos and emotions running wild inside me. I look outside for things that possess the same tastes and sounds that resonate with what I cannot comprehend within. The more I experience this world, the closer I get to articulating this chaos and defining who I am, and who I want to become. 


In this search, the question of my identity keeps evolving with different phases in life. I find it easier knowing I may not like the same things all the time. What I hate becomes something I love dearly. These bittersweet moments of life are like me eating, tasting, and smelling food. These experiences are needed for growth, as much as it’s needed for survival. With time, we understand our preferences better. Sometimes, we have no choice and just eat whatever’s on the table. Sometimes we are stubborn and we’d rather starve and wait till we find the ones we like. 


The theme song by the late Ogy, "Wajah Rahsia Cinta", is a classic malay song that defines this experience.


"Dalam kehidupan ini yang terindah melalui usia remaja" 


In this life that's beautiful we go through our teenage lives


“Senda gurau, suka duka sering berganti

Meninggalkan kesan abadi”


Jokes, love, and pain keep interchanging

Leaves behind a mark thats everlasting/eternal.


Through the experience of working with choreographers Michelle, Shouyi, Kamil and Sufri, the SHIFTers were exposed to different tastes, genres, and thought processes.


If you are watching Jalan Jalan Cari Makan today, I hope you find the time to find that dish that helps you get closer to understanding yourself better about who you were, are, and could be.

Good Grief

Choreographed by Michelle aka Sista Beast

Loss and change is always a part of life - we all have once experienced loss or have been lost. People who experience loss and change usually go through a few stages of grief: shock, panic, depression, blame, anger, resistance, hope and finally, acceptance. This piece talks about how an individual gets lost in their own exploration, losing sight along the way, experiencing and embracing the messiness and range of emotions during this journey. Some manage to navigate the situation and find a resolution, while others just learn to live with these emotions and work their way through regardless of the situation. Sometimes, you get surprised by how you actually managed to pull through.


“Good grief, how did you manage all by yourself?”

Performed by Aisyah Azlan, Amelia Pang, Anne Wang, Goh Hym Yien, Jinia, Layhian Lau, Nurul Elyana, Eileen Tong

Shou Yi_2.jpg

The Flat Clan

Choreographed by Goh Shou Yi

 “The Flat Clan” is a dance responding to the “Lying Flat” movement which has gained traction online with the younger population. The rejection of societal expectations, the rise of involution and alternative ways of living are some of the associated topics with the movement which served as the inspiration that form the structure of the work.


The rigid mechanical dance movements within this choreography have a symbolic representation of the never ending chore and work to be fulfilled. The mundane “walking & running” part may also suggest our defiance/reluctance to be involved in the rat race. Instead of committing to this endless cycle of chore/work, neither do we choose to excel nor drop out of it.


“The Flat Clan” doesn’t strive to tell a narrative, instead it focuses mainly to respond to a few topics closely associated with the Lying Flat movement. We can look at the dance broadly as a performance to be felt rather than understood. 


Lastly, I wish to leave you with a thought that I have been pondering “I have discovered that the work really can be endless — the more you do, the more there is to do.”.

Performed by Ashley Victoria, Crystal Tan, Keira Shyanata, Layhian Lau, Max Yeo, Nur Asyiqin Binte Muhammad Ridzwan Teo, Jinia

Nak Ke Tanak

Choreographed by Ahmad Kamil

To or not to. Should or should not. Want or don’t want. Nak ke tanak.

Performed by Anne Wang, Ashley Victoria, Eileen Tong, Elizabeth Wong, Nur Asyiqin Binte Muhammad Ridzwan Teo, Nurul Elyana



Choreographed by Sufri Juwahir

Tiptoed paths through these dynamic lives,

There will be times when I crave for stillness.

Sensing you, sensing me, as we embark on this journey.

These hands, ever so often reaching out,

To you,

Sensible at first, foolish at most.

The sight of you, although invisible, 

Yet I know you are always there.


On what grounds then,

Will I ever get to taste,

The endpoint,

With you?

Performed by Aisyah Azlan, Crystal Tan, Elizabeth Wong, Keira Shyanata, Max Yeo

Artistic Team


Luqman B As’ad



Ahmad Kamil

Michelle aka Sista Beast

Goh Shou Yi

Sufri Juwahir


JJCM Photographer

Jingkai Kuang (Kinetic Expressions Photography)


JJCM Videographer

Mohammad Shafiee bin Shadan

Tan Yan Ru Valery


Creative Director/ Marketing Strategist

Subastian Tan

Graphic Designer/ Photographer/ Videographer

Tan Yan Ru Valery


Photographer/ Videographer/ Video Editor

Mohammad Shafiee bin Shadan


Shifters (Dancers)

Production Team

Production Team

Luqman B Asad (Co-Producer)

Subastian Tan (Co-Producer)

Genevieve Ho (Project Manager)

Eileen Tong (Project Assistant)


Production Stage Crew

Peter Teo (Production Stage Manager)

Ginnie Tan (Deputy Stage Manager)

Priscilla Chan (Assistant Stage Manager)


Production Lighting Designer


Chia Min



Ning Poh

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