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SHIFT is a progressive young dance artist development programme that is targeted at youths 14-25 years old to help them grow the physical and mental capabilities required to be actively engaged in the performing arts industry in Singapore. The programme runs for 3 years, with each year focusing on different aspects necessary for youths to harness their potential as artists who may participate, create or work with professionals within the dance industry. SHIFT is specifically designed for those trained in street dance forms to advance their dance techniques and develop their artistic capabilities.


Through SHIFT, young artists will not just gain dance skills, but also obtain a holistic understanding of dance movement philosophies with hands-on application alongside industry professionals, to eventually leave their mark on the artistic landscape in Singapore.                    


Through a series of workshops, lectures and industry exposures, youths will be able to learn how to adapt to different styles of movement ideologies, while being equipped with the necessary know-how in technical areas such as body anatomy and maintaining physical wellness for a sustainable journey in the arts. They will also get the chance to apply these capabilities in realistic settings with industry professionals who have an understanding and relation to street forms.          


SHIFT has undergone a pilot phase from Feb 2021 with a successful uptake of 28 students, engaging with 6 local professional practitioners thus far to learn and develop their skills in hip hop, popping, breaking while being exposed to understanding body anatomy. 

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